Shielding, conductive and dissipative tubing

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Conductive, shielding and dissipative tubing

  Conductive black 75μm, 100mm width, 500m roll
6604.214  Conductive black 75μm, 150mm width, 500m roll
6604.218  Conductive black 75μm, 200mm width, 500m roll
6604.224  Conductive black 75μm, 250mm width, 500m roll
6604.228  Conductive black 75μm, 300mm width, 500m roll
6604.230  Conductive black 75μm, 400mm width, 500m roll

6604.239  Dissipative green 100μm, 75mm width, 250m roll
6604.240  Dissipative green 100μm, 100mm width, 250m roll
6604.244  Dissipative green 100μm, 150mm width, 250m roll
6604.248  Dissipative green 100μm, 200mm width, 250m roll
6604.254  Dissipative green 100μm, 250mm width, 250m roll
6604.258  Dissipative green 100μm, 300mm width, 250m roll
6604.260  Dissipative green 100μm, 400mm width, 250m roll
6604.261  Dissipative green 100μm, 500mm width, 250m roll 

6604.264  Shielding 78μm, 100mm width, 100m roll
6604.266  Shielding 78μm, 150mm width, 100m roll
6604.268  Shielding 78μm, 200mm width, 100m roll
6604.270  Shielding 78μm, 250mm width, 100m roll
6604.272  Shielding 78μm, 300mm width, 100m roll
6604.275  Shielding 78μm, 400mm width, 100m roll
6604.280  Shielding 78μm, 800mm width, 100m roll


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