Test station
Wrist strap and dual footwear test station.
Test station EVO
Up to 1000 different users identified through fingerprint recognition or manual recognition.
Surface resistivity tester
Surface resistivity tester (100V)
Digital multivoltage, high resistance meter for ESD purposes.
Walking Test EVO
Portable measurement system to analyze the "body voltage" of a person.
Charger EVO
Adjustable power supply (max ±1100V) to charge insulated plates at a desired voltage.
Electrostatic fieldmeter
Electrostatic fieldmeter
Electrostatic voltmeter
Handheld electrostatic voltmeter.
Continuous Monitor
This instrument continuously monitors the integrity of the operator and one ESD worksurface.
Humidity Temperature
Set of instruments to measure relative humidity and temperature
ESD survey kit
The ESD Survey Kit contains everything needed to conduct an ESD control program survey according to IEC 61340-5-1 in an ESD protected area (EPA)




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