Floor mats, glue for mats and copper earthing tape

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ESD floor mat Floor mat in vinyl
VINYLAB is a resilient, permanently static-dissipative control flooring developed for facilities where static discharge may cause damage to sensitive electronic devices.
The VINYLAB mat meets the requirements for floors in standard IEC61340-5-1, the "Combination Resistance" with appropriate shoes is < 35M
It is made by two vinyl layers, the underside layer is black conductive, the top layer, glare free coloured surface, has a 10
^6Ω typical Rsurface.

Resistance to ground: < 10^7 Ω
Material: calendered vinyl / 2 layers
Walking test according to IEC61340-4-5 (with dissipative shoes): < 50V

Chairs with castors: Appropriate
Medium traffic: Appropriate
Heavy traffic with lift cart: Not recommended
Abrasion resistance: Good
Combustibility: Class 1
Chemical resistance: Good

7805.820: Rotolo 140cmx2,2mmx10metri sky-blue colour
7805.818: Rotolo 140cmx2,2mmx10metri grey colour

ECO V4 glue for mats
Conductive glue for sticking mats on benches or on the floor.
Surface resistivity: < 3x10^5 Ω

One component conductive glue, black colour, 16Kg can, useful time 10-15 minutes, consumption about 350g/m²

Copper earthing Tape
Used to ground ESD matting. Self-adhesive.
Thickness: 0.05mm
Long: 30m

7805.828: COPPER adhesive earthing tape 10mm wide
7805.830: COPPER adhesive earthing tape 15mm wide

Floor grounding kit and test point

7805.834: GROUNDING KIT. Supplied with two meters long copper earthing type. Dowels and screws not supplied.


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