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Charger EVO
Charger EVO
Charger EVO
Charger EVO

The CHARGER EVO is used to charge insulated plates at a desired voltage.

Settable output
: +100V to +1100V or -100V to -1100V (step 1V)
Resolution: 1V
Accuracy: 5%
Dimensions: 124x72x28mm

The additional benefits compared to other chargers are:
- Settable output voltage (step 1V)
- The output voltage is clearly indicated on the LCD and the internal accuracy (5%) allows a roughly check of other ESD instrumentation equipments.
- Low battery and overload are clearly indicated.

9265.401: Charger EVO Meter with batteries, case and grounding cord.
9265.410: Instrument recalibration ISO9000 Traceable Certificate is supplied.


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